Ubuntu and SME Server

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    The hard copy version of the BaseBox includes two additional disks: SME Server and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free, open source Linux-based operating system. Ubuntu contains most standard desktop applications from word processing to web surfing to programming tools. Just put the CD in your PC and restart your computer, it will load up and run 'live' with an option to easily install it. For more information on Live CDs check the Wikipedia page. SME Server is an operating system for web, file and database servers. It can be used to run a range of applications in-house across a local area network (LAN) such as a Firewall and internet Proxy, as well be used for running web-based intranet tools for collaboration and sharing. It can also run an external web server. Please note the CDs will not work on Macintosh machines.

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Published: July 2007. Last Updated: April 2008.
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